No input file specified : Getting SEO to work on GoDaddy Shared Accounts

24 Jul

Trying to set SEO on godaddy server but seems that all hard work is just waste of time then go through following steps to save your useful time:

Before Using this Tutorial: In Joomla Administrative panel, make sure ALL SEO settings are set to “NO”…”Search Engine Friendly URLS”, “mod_rewrite”, and “add suffix…”

1. Open htaccess.txt on local hard drive using Dreamweaver.

2. Uncomment (remove the “#” if it exists from in front of) “Options +FollowSymLinks”

3. Add the line: “Options -MultiViews” just under “Options +FollowSymLinks” … so it appears as:

Options +FollowSymLinks
Options -MultiViews

4. Uncomment (remove the # if one exists) “RewriteEngine On”

5. Uncomment (remove the # if one exists) “RewriteBase /”

6. In Dreamweaver – NOT ON THE SERVER – rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess. If the rename change took, you should now notice a change in the icon appearing before the file name in Dreamweaver. htaccess.txt has a “notepad” looking icon…whereas .htaccess will have an icon that has a blue pencil in it. If you change the name, and the “notepad” icon remains…reopen it and save it again until the blue pencil icon shows.

7. On the Remote Server, delete any .htaccess and/or htaccess.txt file in your Joomla instance directory. I’ve seen instances where overwriting a file, especially of this type, do not work. So delete them out before you upload to make sure what you send will be what arrives.

8. Upload your .htaccess file from your computer to the directory or subdirectory on the server in which your Joomla instance resides. If you have a deluxe account and run several different Joomla instances in various subdirectories, then you should have an .htaccess file in each of the subdirectories. Putting one in the root of your main account directory will not do anything.

9. Once uploaded, double check to make sure your .htaccess has an icon with a blue pencil in it. If you are seeing a “notepad” looking icon…then the file is being seen as a raw text file and will not work.

10. In your administration panel enable “Search Engine Friendly URLS” and “mod_rewrite”…enjoy your working pages…and then go take care of your partner who you’ve ignored these many sleepless nights trying to crack this nut.


Special Thanks to JOHN: Super Moderator


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